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I specialise in teaching all levels from absolute beginner to PGA Professionals. I try to keep the tuition as simple as possible but I can include a full technical breakdown if required.

I treat all my pupils as individuals and adjust the lessons to suit individual needs and skills levels. I have no set way of teaching and adjust my approach to suit the pupils needs and ability.

I am able to offer the following:

  • basic driving range lessons

  • Lessons on the course (course management)

  • Indoor Academy style lesson (with video analysis and launch monitor)

  • Split lessons (one half video and the other half on the driving range or golf course)

  • Apple iPad lessons consisting of on course lesson together with video analysis

  • Short game lessons (putting, chipping, pitching and bunker play) all of which can be analysed by video if required

  • Individual lessons and/ or group lessons

  • For any lessons that have had video analysis i can provide the following options for you to study and review at home:​

- Video with voiceover

- Email photographs with drawing lines and bullet points

- A slow motion video with bullet points



£32.50 per 1/2 hour (£65 per hour)


£35 per 1/2 hour (£70 per hour)

Package deals available

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