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Custom Fitting

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Custom fitting is a comprehensive tee to green program that enables your golf Professional to prescribe properly fitted equipment to you throughout your entire set. We use distinct driver, fairway, iron and wedge fitting tools and methods that enable us to identify the best club models and specifications to maximise your capabilities.

A typical fitting session will give you the following:

  • Correct loft and lie

  • Shaft choice to compliment your swing speed

  • Correct length of shaft

  • Set building - to ensure there are no gaps in hitting distances throughout your set

  • Correct grip style and size

You can gain a big advantage by having your clubs custom built to suit you! every golfer and their swing are unique and have different equipment requirements such as: length, lie angle, loft, shaft flex and grip thickness. My fitting sessions last a minimum of an hour as they consist of 2 stages: a static and a dynamic fitting.

The static measurements are taken first, such as your height, wrist-to-floor measurements and hand size. the dynamic part of the fitting involves hitting balls in the indoor studio with my assistance to ascertain further lie angle and component refinements according to your dynamic measurements and the observed ball flight patterns.

In addition to this further information is gained by the use in the latest computer launch monitor - Skytrak. The Skytrak is the industry standard in launch monitors and provides extremely accurate measurements of club speed, ball speed, launch angles and ball spin rates to take the guesswork out of the equation.

The advantages of an indoor fitting centre are a consistent ball flight because of a consistent temperature with no abnormal weather conditions to worry about throughout the year.

If you are considering custom fitting i would strongly recommend that you bring your current clubs with you so that any difference can be compared. I will only recommend a change if a real benefit can be gained.

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